If you utilize FieldNet for your center pivot monitoring and control, but have PumpProxy devices on your irrigation wells, you can create alerts in the FieldNet app which can be received by Net Irrigate servers and relayed to respective PumpProxy devices.  Follow these steps to keep your FieldNet enabled pivots in sync with your Net Irrigate PumpProxy equipped wells.

Step 1: Contact Net Irrigate to enable your account for FieldNet / PumpProxy integration by sending an email to help@netirrigate.com or call/text 308-870-7274.

Step 2:  Using the FieldNet app, add a 6 digit number to the END of your equipment name.  For example, if you have a FieldNet pivot called "Demo", change the name to "Demo 701001". Be sure to use the following numbering scheme: 701XXX.  Where XXX is a sequential 3 digit number for each virtual site you plan to create (i.e. 701001, 701002, etc). 

Step 3: In the alerts section of the FieldNet app, confirm that the following Alert Names are typed as "Level 1 (High)".  

  1. Alignment Fault
  2. Auto Stop at Barrier
  3. Forward
  4. Irrigating
  5. Powered Off While Running Wet
  6. Reverse
  7. Running
  8. Stopped
  9. Stopped Wet

Step 4: In the FieldNet app, create a new alert group called "PumpProxy", and enable the equipment that should relay messages to PumpProxy.  Be sure to only select Level 1 alerts and have an alert recipient enabled that utilizes the email address ni.fieldnet@gmail.com.

Step 5: Now we need to create a "virtual site" in the Net Irrigate system to mirror the site we added the unique code to in step 1.  To do this, login to the Net Irrigate mobile app on your iPhone or Android device and select the context of the customer for which the FieldNet site name was edited for in Step 1.  Once selected, click the + icon to create a new site.

Ideally, you'll want to give the virtual site the same name as in FieldNet.  For the device id field, enter the same code you added to the end of the equipment name in Step 1 where you made the edit in the FieldNet portal. Tap save once the values are entered.

Step 6: Now we need to tell the virtual site that was just created which PumpProxy devices will act as recipients for start and stop messages.  For the site in question, tap on the Phone List icon, and then hit the + to add a new recipient.  A list of all available PumpProxy devices in your account should appear in sequential order by serial number.  Each PumpProxy device has a START and a STOP event associated with it.  If you want your FieldNet site to start a pump when the pivot starts, scroll and select the corresponding START entry for the pump proxy serial number in that field.  If you want your FieldNet site to stop a pump when the pivot stops, scroll and select the corresponding STOP entry for the same serial number.  You must enter both the start and stop event to achieve both functions. 


FieldNet is a registered trademark of Lindsay Corporation.  Net Irrigate does not own, sell, support, or service FieldNet branded solutions.  The ability for PumpProxy devices to react to FieldNet triggered events is dependent on the reliability and accuracy of FieldNet's notification and alerts system.  

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