On a Reinke pivot, the NETB16WRMX hardware is powered by both the forward and reverse run control circuits.  If remote shutdown is desired, a control relay or diode-fork must be added such that either the forward or reverse conductor can power the
 without causing a short.  Contact Net Irrigate for an auto-shutdown adapter (diode-fork) in the event your NETB16WRMX-RNK was shipped without it.

Wiring Steps

  1.  Be sure the power to the pivot is completely off and the main disconnect is locked.
  2. Connect the two orange wires on the auto-shutdown adapter (diode fork) to the purple and pink wires on the Reinke terminal strip.
  3. Connect the white wire on the auto-shutdown adapter to neutral.
  4. Connect the white and black wires from the NETB16WRMX to neutral as well.
  5. Connect the green wire on the NETB16WRMX to ground.
  6. Wire nut the blue wire from the NETB16WRMX to the blue wire on the auto-shutdown adapter.
  7. Remove the jumper on the Reinke terminal strip that connect White and Brown and connect the red wire from the NETB16WRMX to the terminal containing the brown wire.  The safety circuit is now in series with the NETB16WRMX enclosure.

Testing your Wiring and Remote Shutdown

  1. Start the pivot walking in forward.
  2. Use the Net Irrigate mobile app on your phone to check for the start event.
  3. Stop the pivot using the mobile app on your phone.  The pivot should shut down in 60 to 90 seconds.
  4. Once the pivot properly shuts down, use the mobile app on your phone to check for the stop event.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 above walking the pivot in reverse instead.
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