Important Things to Note

These instructions refer to electrically driven pivots (i.e. Valley, Zimmatic, Reinke, Pierce, and Lockwood brands).  Refer to a separate article for T-L branded pivots.

Each product is equipped with a unique serial number.  The serial number sticker is located to the right of the cord grip on each unit.  Please note this number when contacting our customer support team.


The hardware associated with the WireRat MX and PivotProxy is designed to be mounted on the end tower of the pivot.  Use the included cord grip in conjunction with a knock-out on the bottom of the tower box.  If a knock-out isn't available, drill a hole with a 7/8" hole saw.  Enclosures are equipped with magnets for easy placement on the pivot structure.  The ideal place to mount the unit is on the rabbit ears of the pivot with the cord grip facing downward.


WireRat and PivotProxy hardware manufactured between 2012 and 2016 had 5 conductor cables.  In 2017, a 6 wire cable began being utilized to make installation even easier on Reinke pivots and older systems.  

Part number NETB17WRMX utilizes 6 conductors:

White = AC Neutral
Black = ACL (connect to forward run)
Blue = ACL (connect to reverse run)
Red = Relay common
Orange = Normally closed relay common
Green = Ground

Part numbers NETB12WR, NET13PIV, NETB14PIV, and NETB16WRMX utilizes 5 conductors:

Black = 90-240 volt AC line and normally closed relay common.  This should be connected to the pivot's hot safety circuit.
Red = Normally closed relay contact.  Note that if the black wire is connected, the red wire will be hot.
Blue = 90-240 volt AC line (does not feed red wire)
White = AC Neutral
Green = Ground

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