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Adding Contacts to your xProxy Device List

Click here to watch to learn how to set up notification contacts and/or recipients.

Below is a step by step walk through on  how to add contacts to your device via the xProxy mobile App.  You must create an account and set up the device prior to inviting additional recipients.

Adding/Inviting Recipients

1. Adding Recipients
Select the Device on My Devices that you are wanting to add recipients for. Select by pressing finger on device name.
Test this.

After Selecting the Device that you would like to add a contact
1. Select the Recipients button the bottom toolbar (highlighted in blue).
2. Once in the Recipient screen, select the + sign in the upper right-hand corner.

Find the contact in your cell phone’s address book or enter their email and/or cell phone number in the corresponding boxes (only one required).
Once you Send Invitation, you will receive a pop up showing it was successfully sent.

Recipient Request Notifications
1. If successfully sent, the recipient you invited will receive a request to receive alerts. They are required to accept the invitation in order to receive alerts.
The invitation requests appear as shown, showing both a text message invitation using cell phone number provided and email invitation using the email address provided.

Invitee Awaiting Approval:
1. You can see that invite was successfully sent. Once the invitation is sent their name appears in your list on the recipients tab (grayed out background).
2. Your Total Recipient Count will remain the same until the new recipient accepts the invitation.

Recipient Approval:
1. The recipient must approve alert by replying back YES.
2. Once they do so, they will get an automated message as confirmation.

Confirmed Recipient Approved Invitation:
Once the recipients approves the invite you will see your Total Recipients increase by one.

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