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xProxy Device Set Up on the app

You must create an account prior to setting up an account.  See article on xProxy Account Set Up first if you do not have a login to the App. 

1. Add Device

a. Click the + in the upper right-hand corner

a. Located on the right-hand side of unit.
b. Click Find Device

3. Configuring New Device
a. Name the device: This will be what the device is called in your list of devices.
b. Define the Notification Message: This will be what the message says when the device detects a circuit transition from closed to open. You can use up to 140 characters in the notification message.
c. Determine which type of alerts you would like to receive: When highlighted in orange, the alert is active.
**Default name and message can be adjusted to user's preference**

4. Naming Success
After renaming the Notification message  and Device Name you will      receive a pop up that your device was added successfully to your account. 

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